Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 1, 2008

Heart Rocks

Today is a gorgeous day in Lordship.  I walked down to the Sound this morning with R, and then stayed there when he trotted home to shower and go to the office.  Lucky me, my office is the beach!

As Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way suggests, the outdoors is often where we find our creativity most unfettered.  Everything seems possible when the water is before me and the sky is above me, whether sunny or filled with dramatic clouds.  I get so many of my ideas when I’m not consciously trying to get them.

This morning, as I wandered alone in the delicious sunshine, I was thinking of how many heart-shaped rocks I find on this beach.  The day I was married here, my pal Lesli found one, which she quickly decided to keep for herself, since I clearly already had love!  

But it’s okay — I find them constantly.  I have a whole collection on my front porch.  Heart rocks are everywhere.

Here are my rules for finding heart rocks:

1.  Know they are there.  In abundance.

2.  Have an open mind about how “perfect” they need to be to qualify.

3.  Look at them from the ideal angle to see their true heart shape.

4.  Be aware that they might look most like hearts from only one side, or when slightly covered with sand.

5.  Don’t worry about getting a little bit of sand in your pocket when you take one home.

6.  Keep your eyes open every day for heart rocks.

7.  If you want to find one, you will.


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