Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 1, 2008

Welcome, dear visitor… please step right in


Here I am on my favorite beach!

Here I am on my favorite beach!

Hey ma, I’m bloggin’!

Yes, the picture above is of an actual sunset on our beach, which I call Heart Rock Beach (that’s not the real name!)  I took this photo in the second week of December, on a chilly but clear night.  

The end of the Thanksgiving weekend, in the year 2008 seemed like a good day to start the blog I have been contemplating for some time. 

I plan to address whatever strikes my fancy, from the political to the very local (as in, what takes place in my living room).

And no, Lordship is not a religious designation. It’s my neighborhood, a section of Stratford, Connecticut, New England, USA, where I write, sing, and wander my stretch of beach on Long Island Sound.  All while adapting to my new life with my new husband, and my kids being off to college.  

(Though we do get the weekly visits from my part-time stepson and the doggie, Junior.)

So, welcome to my blog.  I hope you’ll stop in often.



  1. Looking forward to reading what you have to say. Love the photo of you and of the beach.

  2. Hey Prill! Thanks for coming by.

    I have a lot to say. This will be fun.

  3. Your layout could use some tweaking. Wish I knew WordPress at all…

  4. Lady U: I changed it. Lots of design options in WordPress. I’m still messing around with the possibilities.

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