Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 4, 2008

From up there to down here

I’m getting a lot of wonderful opportunities to sing these days, and many of them are paid.  It helps that I’ve gotten so much better, thanks to my training at Hartt, and of course, practice, practice, practice!  

It’s a particular joy to be able to sing with Richard.  In the last couple of months we have done a recital together that combined classical and Broadway music (in Hartford), and done two Broadway duets at the Schubert Club (in Fairfield County).  Last Sunday we sang — and I conducted! — at our very local Congregational Church here in Lordship.  We’re singing there again on Christmas Eve.  Saturday night some solos and duets in Hartford, Sunday morning the same in Southport, and then three choral concerts in Farmington and Simsbury.  And then there is the Messiah Sing-In down here this Sunday, and the Messiah Sing-In up there at the end of January….  

Of course, for singers, the month of December is like April for accountants.  Our high season.  So we are doubly busy, and it’s great, as long as we watch our vocal stamina and use good technique.

But I am trying to move my musical (and otherwise) Center of Gravity from Up There to Down Here.  Do the networking, make the performing connections, and find the people who make it happen here in Fairfield County.  We are making strides in that direction, it seems, now that I list all the upcoming concerts.  We hope to do our joint recital at two other churches Down Here in the next few months.  

What would be great to put into place is the same kind of relationships I had in Hartford: challenging, interesting musical opportunities, within an easy driving distance.  Pay would be wonderful, and doing it with Richard would be really wonderful (hey, I’m talking singing here — snicker).

Oh, and while I’m listing my musical wishes — we want to go to Italy this summer for a couple of weeks, and do at least a couple of concerts while there.  The environs of Roma and Venezia would be just right!



  1. i hope they all come true! 🙂 thanks SO much for calling in yesterday!!! it was great fun to talk to you on the radio! i heard you on colin the other day and you have a great radio voice…all that training, i suspect ;)…. can’t wait to hear what you think of my new meanderings… :)))

  2. It was fun. I like the radio — the more I do, the more comfy I feel.

    You and Laura are great as readers. Even in that mini-format, I learned a lot.

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