Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 9, 2008

Weekend Singing

Richard and I had a dizzily wonderful singing weekend.  Saturday we did some rehearsing at Southport Congregational, the church he sang at for about a decade as the bass soloist and section leader, and where I occasionally join him.  We then drove up to Farmington to rehearse with Vallis Musicae, the ecumenical choir with which I toured Brazil and Spain.  At 4:30 we performed some solo and duet Broadway material for the Unitarian Society of Hartford, where I was the alto soloist and section leader for several years.  We were a big hit — small room, but a wonderful, responsive crowd.  No pay for that — just love.  

It is such a joy to blend my voice with Richard’s.  It doesn’t get much better than that — sharing my passion with him.  And in front of people!  <g>

Sunday morning we sang with the Southport choir for their Christmas Music Sunday.  Some choral stuff, and a few solos.  I was particularly happy that I wasn’t too nervous, because when I did a mini-solo for them last month, I was pretty tense.  This time I was able to sing out and enjoy it.  I sang “I Wonder As I Wander.”

And Christmas Eve we are singing at the Lordship Community Church, which is also Congregational.  Richard will do “O Holy Night” and I am not sure yet what I’ll sing.

It’s making me very happy to meet people, connect, and find musical venues.

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