Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 15, 2008


Lots of interesting ideas float through my mind during the day, and some of them I actually write about, but many I don’t.  

I’ve gone through so many stages of writing.  When I practiced law, I worked hard to make everything logical, persuasive, and totally fact-based.  I had to get rid of all of those habits when I started writing more creatively.  Imaginative, silly, illogical expressions are all part of the novelist’s and essayist’s toolkit — so it was important to shuck off the restraints and move away from “corporate” writing.

I am doing well on my book.  I’m now up to 18,000 words, and most days I write.  At this point, it feels as though it’s a hodgepodge of different types of writing.  I’ve got everything from the funny email exchange with an Internet suitor to an emotional rant about my own life and what shaped me.  My hope is that when I have thrown it all down on paper, it will fall into place.  I can tweak and balance and shape, rearrange and organize, and fill in blanks where necessary, while cutting out the excess.

But this blogging thing — what is this about?  I read a lot of other folks’ blogs — well, maybe I should read more.  And see what else is out there!  Why do we blog?  And why do I blog in particular?  

My background in freelance magazine writing makes me want to perfect each piece — I have a hard time just putting it out. And yet, if I don’t do that, I won’t write it at all.  I can’t justify the time of spending an hour or so crafting the perfect essay, when I’m not readying it for “publication” in the traditional sense — and of course it is not bringing in any money.

Reader, do you blog?  Why?  And what makes you want to follow a blog?

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