Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 21, 2008

Snow and the Tardy Tree Seekers

Yesterday we had quite a lot of snow — about 8 inches, which is a boatload for being this close to the water.  Richard did the driveway, and K went over and helped our neighbor, Katie, who is having trouble with her shoulder.  Then I did some of the second shift on ours, and finally some local kids came by and did the rest (not particularly thoroughly!)  So today everybody is a bit achy.  

It’s gorgeous, though, and looks very Christmassy.  I’ve gotten interested in seeing what folks put up outside their houses to designate that it’s holiday time.  It seems to me that there are many more decorations here in Stratford than there were in West Hartford.  West Hartford has a lot of Jewish families, so that could be one explanation.  Or perhaps it’s the demographic — people here are a little more blue collar, thus a little more into public displays of holiday spirit?  Or maybe it’s the economy.  Most folks can’t afford to splurge, but they can manage a few lights on the outside of their house to demonstrate that it’s Christmas.

We got a tree today, finally.  We meant to go out last weekend, but it was busy with Ian and wrestling and rehearsals for Vallis Musicae concerts, so we let the time get away from us.  And then I thought that it would be fun to do it when K was here — not that she’s all that into it anymore, at her advanced age!  So after a morning rehearsal, and having dug out the cars, we finally got on our way, and found that the local place we planned on was closed — with only 6 measly trees hanging around leaning against the fence. I thought we should just nab one and leave the money under a rock… alas, I was vetoed.  So then, in desperation, we tried Home Depot.  Not a tree to be found!  

Though it was nearly dark, I knew that more snow was coming in the morning, so I persuaded our weary little gang of tree seekers to press on.  We drove about a half hour into the middle of nowhere, doubting the place would still be open (though their recording insisted that they were) as it got colder and darker by the minute.  Tempers were flaring, the car was swerving, and the tree seekers were despairing.

But there it was!  A great big cheerily lit parking lot with people hauling over and roping trees to their car tops.  We could have slogged into the woods and cut one ourselves, but were quite content when we observed that there were lots of nice plump ones leaning against the walls inside the barns.  We loved the first tree we saw, and were thrilled to discover that this place is open all the way until Christmas Eve.  So, should we ever get in the tardy-tree purchasing dilemma again ( and this is not the first time I have been there) we know where to go!

I’m sorry I can’t tell you where it is… only the elves and I know.  That way there will always be plenty of trees for me.

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