Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | January 14, 2009

Another thousand words!

(So shouldn’t I have a picture here?)  Being worth a thousand words… get it?

Anyway, I am pleased to say that I am humming along with the book.  See the “Check out my book!” button above for a quickie outline of the chapters.  Today I wrote most of the chapter about one of my later dates.  (Meaning later in the year-and-a-half time frame during which I was “single,” since as soon as I met Richard I fell hard for him and swore off all other men.)

This chapter is about a very nice guy who took me out for an elegant dinner, and even brought flowers.  Over dinner he mentioned his temporary paralysis after the accident, and the fact that he quit drinking even before that, because his daughter had gotten a D.U.I., and he wanted to set an example.  And he also let me know that he had given up the two antidepressants, because they were driving him crazy, and he didn’t think the two doctors prescribing them as a favor to him knew what they were doing.  And he had, in fact, completely given up cocaine.  

The night before our date.



  1. the night before your date?! wow… and here he could’ve offered to share some with you!!!! LOL… so glad you are making progress!!!!

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