Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | January 28, 2009

The youth of our love

Richard and I are in a new marriage, and yet, we are not youngsters.  We were never in our twenties together.  Never knew each other through our first jobs, or bought our first house together.  

We will never have the joy of young bodies discovering intimacy for the first time, together, nor support each other through the joy and fear of pregnancy.  

And yet, this is the youth of our relationship.  We dated, we fell in love, and we gradually got to know each other over a period of a few years, just as kids in their twenties do.  And now we have married, and live with each other day and night for the first time, discovering the rhythms and idiosyncrasies of the new Richard and Patrice partnership.

It is new to us, and if, as we hope, our lives together go on for decades, we will look back on this period as the babyhood of our relationship.  It’s funny, in our fifties, to be immersed in something so new —  to be exploring deep love and connection with a fresh face.

Someday we will be nostalgic for the beginning.  When we were those young, crazy kids, mushy and romantic and aglow with the thrill of hot wild 50-something love.


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