Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | February 22, 2009

The new unAmericans

I am fed up to here with the people who are already calling (and have been calling) the stimulus package, just signed, a lost cause.  Even if you didn’t support President Obama, even if you are a member of the opposition party, even if you think that the idea of the government spending more money is abhorrent… what else are we to do?

We’ve got to take action.  The bottom is falling out of the economy, and everyone can see it.  From your local restaurants closing earlier (or closing completely), to the increasingly desperate pleas I get via email to come out and buy clothes, to the foreclosure signs that have been sprouting for a year now… there is evidence all around us that it’s bad and getting worse.

The reason we are here now may or may not have started with Bush and the Deregulationists, but it certainly ended with them. Continuing on the path that we have followed for the last 8 years is foolhardy.  It cannot be the answer — if it were the answer, we wouldn’t be sinking deeper and deeper into what is obviously a worldwide problem.  

The misinformation about FDR and the New Deal — that it didn’t work — has been spread throughout the Right (Wrong) Blogpool for long enough that people believe it.  But the New Deal worked.  No amount of historic revisionism will change that. All you have to do is look at charts of the 30’s to see how effective it was.

What’s difficult for me to understand is what these people are so negative about.  Do they think their team didn’t win, so Obama’s plans should fail?  Well, yes!  And isn’t that unAmerican of them?  Do they think that their way of life, with huge bonuses and unlimited oil money wealth, is more important than another person’s child being able to go to college — or go to the doctor?  Yes!  And isn’t that unAmerican?  Do they think that only the people who think the way they do, and believe in the God that they do, should prosper?  YES!  And isn’t that unAmerican?

We’ve got to fix what’s happening, and to do that, we’ve got to do something different than what we’ve done.

I’m glad our new president is trying something new, and I’m willing to support him until we see results.


  1. well said!! right on!!! 🙂

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