Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | March 2, 2009

Inspiration for Writers

Okay, kids, if you are in the doldrums over the gray skies and the challenge of writing and the twelve freaking inches of snow that just fell on us in March, I have some sunny news for you.  Go over to Nathan Bransford’s blog (his March 2 post) to hear one literary agent sing the praises of writers in appreciation of what we do.  And he likes us!  He really, really likes us!

If you can spare 20 minutes to get another inspirational kick in the pants, check out TED’s genius lecture as presented by Elizabeth Gilbert (she of eat pray love fame) who talks about the nature of genius — and basically tells artists that we are not responsible for producing brilliance all the time.  I felt like I was in church — it made me cry.  

And then go forth and produce!


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