Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | March 26, 2009

Richard wrote me a poem


For Valentine’s Day, I asked my husband for a poem, and this is what he wrote for me.  I print it here with his permission.

February Poem

by Richard Leslie, 2/14/2009

We walk across snow-covered grass

To the cliff overlooking a rocky beach.

Gulls lift themselves absently when we approach,

Move a few feet down the beach

To keep the right distance from these humans.

We walk down slippery steps till we are on frozen sand.

A jet streaks up the inner curve of the sky,

A tiny, brilliant chalkline on the deep, breathless blue,

While gusts of snow sift through marks imprinted in the sand

Left by earlier, colder visitors.

This is our moment.  Mine are the arms around your neck,

Yours is the smile that I see,

And it is enough.  We would not be anywhere else.

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