Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | April 8, 2009

Amazing Dayz

You know, I have to say that I have an incredible, blessed life.  

How did I get so lucky?

I once read about Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon, husband and wife poets.  It was Hall, describing their life together — which ended when she died tragically of cancer — who talked about days during which they were able to work, love, and play side by side.  They lived in the country.  They would have lunch together, take walks through the fields, lie down for an afternoon nap.  Make art.  It sounded to me then, as it does now, like an enviable, almost unimaginably wonderful life.  

And that’s the kind of life I find myself living. 

I get up in the morning and I roll over and kiss my beloved husband, who wraps me up in his arms and kisses me back.  I loll around in bed for as long as I want (shocking, I know), reading some pages from something by my bedside.  I pull on clothes and wander downstairs for breakfast.

I check the news and blogs online — today’s version of flipping through the morning paper.  I take a 2 block walk to the beach, often with Richard, and then sit and enjoy the sun for a while.  

At that point I get down to the hard but enviable work of writing my memoir — which consists of no research at all, just writing about what I’ve experienced.  I interrupt that for lunch, and then I might do some planning for our upcoming travels, or concerts.  I practice singing for a while — perhaps working on one of the two Brahms duets I’m doing with Richard on May 3rd, or the big Classical/Jazz combo concert we are doing on May 17th.  (With stepson Derek on bass.)  

By then it’s time to greet my honey as he comes home.  Then we walk again, in the twilight, have dinner, sing some more, read, cuddle, talk, catch our kids on the phone, and go to bed.  Then we start all over again. 

Amazing.  Art, love, the outdoors.  Everything I could have dreamed of.

How did I ever come to deserve such a life?

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