Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | April 9, 2009

FLOTUS Threads

I’ve been watching with amusement the reactions to the contemporary, approachable fashions worn by Michelle Obama, particularly on her recent trip through Europe with that guy she hangs with — what’s his name?  Oh yes, President Obama!  

Aside from the absurdity of emphasizing her appearance (okay, it’s fun to talk about clothes, but she has far more interesting aspirations than being a fashion plate), can’t we just let Michelle be who she wants to be?  Is it de rigeur to adopt a formal, expensive, designer label look when you are the female half of the first couple?  And when we finally get Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin (gulp), Condoleeza Rice, or perhaps Michelle Obama as Prez, will the press be all atwitter discussing what kind of fabric was used in the suit of the first First Gentleman — be it Bill Clinton, Todd Palin, the potential Mr. Rice, or Barack Obama himself?  

Don’t hold your breath.

In the meantime, to read a short rant about how Oscar de la Renta has his knickers in a knot over Michelle’s dissing of big name designers, go to the Daily Kos.  You’ll be able to peruse an array of great looks she’s worn, along with a poll question asking how many think Michelle needs to pay for de la Renta to do America proud.

I’m liking her signature style more and more.  Breezy, individual, and most of all, her own d*mn bidness.


  1. This emphasis on what female ‘politicians’ or rather ANYONE female in the media spotlight wear amazes me. I thought the whole Sarah Palin debacle was pointless, (and last I heard, the clothes are sitting in the Republican headquarters in bags, still waiting to be taken to Goodwill). So many things turn into ‘fashion statements’ that it drives me bonkers. I used to be on a message board with a group of women who turned everything into what clothes were being worn. And that’s something I just don’t get.

    • It’s discouraging, isn’t it? It seems that there is nothing we can do that doesn’t call into question our appearance.

      One of the reasons that the YouTube video of “Britain’s Got Talent” star Susan Boyle is getting so much attention is that she looks like one of those people we dismiss as being so far off the beauty charts that she causes amusement.

    • I agree completely, but this leads to another question… which Goodwill are they taking those clothes to and what time does it open?

  2. Its true. And even in my case (not that I am stunningly anything), people either dismiss me as a pretty face or they tell me “you are so pretty with makeup, you should wear it all the time”. Its either/or but always a judgement call. I also really hate how it is news that she is a virgin. That is really no-one’s business but hers. People are only valuable now if they’ve had sex?

  3. Well, of course, she did add that little cute bit herself, that she’s never been kissed!

    Apparently Susan is getting lots of offers from men since her fame hit. Including one of the judges, who says he’s “all hers” if she splits her royalties with him 50/50.

    She will be hiring body guards and social secretaries soon.

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