Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle!

It is pretty wild, isn’t it?  As of tonight, more than 47 MILLION people have seen Susan Boyle’s triumphant audition for Britain’s Got Talent on YouTube… she has somehow plucked our heartstrings around the country and around the world.  

I sent the link to my brother in Denver (our mother was a Boyle, so we have a special connection with Susan — no doubt a long-lost cousin from Scotland!) and a few hours later, not having seen my message yet, he sent the link to me — from China, where he’s on a business trip.  

Truly the voice heard ’round the world.

Her story is moving, and it raises all sorts of issues about why we would be surprised at her talent, and what makes us so quick to judge and dismiss those who don’t look like the cool kids.  

But I worry about Susan Boyle, and where she goes from here.  Such a sudden onslaught of attention can make anyone question who they are and why their position in the world has shifted so dramatically.  I hope she takes it slowly, and I hope she has friends who help her stay grounded.  She’s about to go on an astonishing ride… one from which there will be no returning.

For another song from Susan Boyle, listen to her 1999 charity recording of “Cry Me A River.”  Even more surprising than her YouTube clip, it reveals a sultry, rich voice that demonstrates vocal mastery and confidence in her own appeal.

Go Susan — the new international “it” girl!  (And my newest favorite Boyle cousin.)


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