Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | July 12, 2009

I wrote 307 words in 7 minutes on Write or Die!

I’m trying out this new website, Write or Die: Dr. Wicked’s Writing Lab, which is supposed to inspire writers to actually, well, write instead of thinking about writing, talking about writing, or wishing they were writing.  

The site has several different settings, where you can put in how many words you’d like to produce, how long you have to write them, and what the consequences of not writing should be.  You can simply have the screen tell you to hurry up (in my case, it seems to turn pink) or it can play nasty sounds — bad music, I guess, but as I write this I haven’t heard anything yet, so perhaps I’ll beat the system! I n “Kamikaze Mode” it actually erases the words you have written if you don’t continue writing!

Okay, I hesitated and the screen went pink there for just a minute, but then I started writing again, so I didn’t hear the music. Let’s see what happens if I actually pause on purpose.  

What happens is that it turns pale pink, and then darker pink, and then several different darker shades, until finally it is kind of a shocking orange-red… and if you STILL don’t start writing, it plays something that starts with an odd voice saying “It’s peanut butter jelly time, it’s peanut butter jelly time…”  I don’t recognize the music (loosely defined) — maybe I need ot get out more?  

The second time I let it go to red, I heard something slightly different, from the same song.  My husband looked up both times and winced, saying, “Can you please turn that thing down?”

I think that this could be very inspirational!  So far it has been effective enough to inspire me to write 307 words in 7 minutes. If I were getting paid for this I would be making the big bucks!!

Of course, you can’t just write nonsense.  You have to have something you want to produce, and this keeps you going.  It would help inhibit poor habits such as stopping to edit extensively, going to the cookie jar for something to munch on, or deciding that you must stop writing to get a new pedicure immediately.

I’m going to use it for a few days and report back.

Fellow writers are invited to do independent investigations and let me know of their own experiences.

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