Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | August 28, 2009

Money to fund your dream…

Apparently Ryan Seacrest (the host of American Idol) is producing a new reality game show, called “Chance.”

Here’s the hot word from the internets:

Do you need CA$H to fulfill your dreams?

No matter how extraordinary, selfless or off the wall your dream might be, a new reality game show needs you! Whether you’re asking for $50.00 or $250,000, if you’ve got passion and the gift of gab the money could be yours! You can literally ask for anything!  Is there something you’ve always wanted but could never quite afford?  Do you have a lifelong ambition that you are desperate to fulfill?  We’re looking for people to come up with unique and exciting ideas.

So, do you think they’re going to have people wanting to open a hot new bar pitted against a family that needs surgery for one of the kids?

Me, I’d go for world peace.  How much ya got, Ryan?

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