Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | November 29, 2009


Dear Faithful Readers:

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging much this month, it’s because I picked up two freelance gigs for the newly launched Patch online news sites covering Ridgefield and Westport, Connecticut.  It’s been great fun but it is taking up some time.  I guess that’s why they pay us!

Check out all my articles at both Westport Patch and Ridgefield Patch via this page.  So far I’ve covered such topics as the electronic connections of the a gubernatorial candidate from Ridgefield, the canine star of an upcoming middle school musical, a wonderful charity event featuring delectable chowders, and comedian Bob Saget of Full House (who turns out to have a really dirty mind.)

But the super excellent outstanding news is that I finished my book LOOKING FOR MR. RIGHT.COM: How You Can Find Love Online and have sent all 63,000 words off to an awesome agent who may, if my dreams come true, offer to represent me.  Send all good wishes in my direction!


  1. Hey Patrice – was just looking at my Christmas list and came upon your always enjoyable newsletter (please keep my name on your list) and was wondering what you were up to and if the book was completed. That’s when I saw this blog site and thought I would say hi. So you are freelancing at a local paper? Funny because I was freelancing for our local paper for the past six years – Newington Town Crier. I was their photographer and writer for the paper and covered all school activities, parks and rec programs and lots of other town events. I am no longer employed with them because Imprint went under 😦 They were bought out and kept only 3 out of 8 of the original weekly papers, one of which was the Newington Town Crier but did not rehire any freelancers. They are getting along by using the Herald writers and photographers to cover Newington, Rocky Hill and Wethersfield. Well just wanted to say hi and keep in touch. Looking forward to hearing what you and your family are up to. Happy Holidays.

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by!! You are def on the holiday letter list….

      Sorry that the freelance gig disappeared. Unfortunately that’s happening all over. I bet you can pick something up with some of the online sites.

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