Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | December 27, 2009

Tax Season for Singers

December is almost over, and the big performance month for church singers is coming to an end.  It’s wonderful to have so many places to sing, and so much beautiful music to enjoy… an embarrassment of riches!

We did the Vivaldi Gloria at the Unitarian Church in Westport (avec une solo pour moi), two French and one English carol at the Congregational Church in Weston with a small chamber group, and the Vallis Musicae Lessons & Carols in Farmington — unfortunately we missed the first one because of that big snowstorm, but the group is still going strong, and planning the third choir trip abroad — this one to Argentina!  And we joined the Special Projects Choir at the Westport UU church for Christmas eve.  We’re also singing solos and duets (and Richard is playing trumpet) at the Unitarian Meetinghouse in Hartford, rescheduled from 12/20 to 1/3 for an extended Christmas-season service.

In years past, I’ve sometimes hit two churches on Christmas Eve by singing at the evening service at the Meetinghouse then jetting over to St. Pat’s in Farmington when Gabi was there to sing at the 11:00 p.m. mass.  Doable as long as the weather isn’t bad.

What’s tough is that all of this wonderful opportunity comes at cold season, and a lot of rehearsal combined with a lot of germs can sometimes mean you end up with an overtaxed voice at Christmastime.

If only the big winter holiday happened in the summer!

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