Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | October 15, 2010

Sharing the Costs

Hi peeps!  Long time, no blog.

I’m back at last.

This summer we took part in a CSA — Community Supported Agriculture — venture.  We paid a chunk of cash up front to help support a local farm (about 25 minutes from us) and every week we trot up there to get our “half share” of the farm’s bounty.  It’s been both interesting and a bit challenging.

I have to confess that a lot of the more exotic greens (skapes, anyone?) went to waste.  We could have done a more diligent job at searching out information about the items we were unfamiliar with, and learning how to prepare them.  We were, however, faithful in using more common foods like corn (delicious and fresh), eggs (seemingly richer and more “hearty” than the ones from the supermarket), and local chicken (notably smaller, but more flavorful and, we think, much safer).

All in all both an educational experience and one that has helped me to connect my food to the place it comes from and the people who produce it.  I’ve just ordered our Thanksgiving turkey from the farm, and am looking forward to seeing how it tastes in comparison to your standard Butterball.

I feel good knowing that we gave some financial support to this farming family — they earned it — and we got better food in return.

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