Posted by: Patrice Fitzgerald | March 21, 2009

Dream Big

Since this is a moment in time where we all fear the worst — and doubt whether we can get that job, sell that house, hang onto our retirement savings — perhaps it’s the time to go for the big dream.  When sticking with the tried and true, the “reliable” route, is not likely to provide any security, why not break out and do that wild and crazy thing you’ve always thought about but never dared try?

Start that little business you’ve been thinking about.  Take the local evening course in Italian.  Get in the car and drive to see your old pal.  Write a short story.  Learn to read tarot cards.  Adopt an adorable puppy.

Be brave.  Do the impractical.  Dare to do whatever you have been putting off — because you had to do all the responsible things that kept you secure.  

Well, you’re not so secure now.  None of us is.  So why not do the things you always think you shouldn’t?

What could it hurt?


  1. I read this as I’m psyching up for another audition. Wheee! I think many people spend too much time not following their dreams…. and I think the world would be a happier place if more people did.

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